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Mary Alexander

"From the first time I turned into "The Park of Wolcott" and every time thereafter, I truly
feel that I'm home."

The Park of Wolcott Unit #6
Wolcott, CT 06716

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I look out of sparkling sliding glass doors to an idyllic wooded setting that changes with the season.  The palette shifts with the transformation of the leaves evoking a feeling of tranquility that is unsurpassed.  I genuinely look forward to the day's end, and the weekend in my new home.  The quaintness and design of each individual unit on the outside is only surpassed by the ultra modern, state of the art design on the inside.  In October, I purchased a home, and I can honestly say that I am completely ecstatic with my transition to this cottage style, that still offers me the privacy of a single family home.  When I walk in, my wood floors shine like a mirror.  The floor plan allows for ease and accessibility.  The sky-high, angular, cathedral ceilings, equipped with efficient and incredibly quiet ceiling fans, give the home a lofty, airy, expansive feeling with dormers that incorporate more than ample natural lighting.  The gas fireplace is an extra touch that I especially enjoy.  The granite countertops are polished and elegant.  The layout of the kitchen cabinets is roomy and well thought out with plenty of doors and drawers for storage and are exceptionally striking upon entrance.  My bedroom is my oasis, a comfort zone that I eagerly await after a stressful day.  The main bathroom is large and easily accommodates a washer and dryer.  I have a lot of storage for seasonal items in the storage shed, right off the deck.

I have already developed wonderful friendships within "our community".  I have a very pleasant business relationship with Tim, and the other contractors, who truly go the extra mile to make everything right for us and ensure that we are completely satisfied with our new homes.  Although aesthetics are important to me, it is of equal importance to have the assurance of sound structure and quality craftsmanship.  I am conveniently located near every amenity I will ever need, including-but, by no means limited to, banks, doctors, dentists, a grocery store, the post office, restaurants, a florist and even a Dunkin Donuts.  I no longer have to concern myself with tedious outdoor maintenance, like raking leaves, shoveling snow, or looking for a reasonable quote to paint the outside of my home.  There are new developments daily, and like a child, my excitement builds as I watch new stone wall entrances being constructed and clearings being made for the building of additional beautifully constructed units.  I am especially looking forward to the completion of the landscaping.  It's no wonder that my first reaction was simply “WOW!”  From the first time I turned into “The Park of Wolcott" and every time thereafter, I truly feel that "I'm home. “


Mary Alexander


Mary Pearce

"I love living in my condo. I feel like I purchased the best unit in this community for me."

Upon my search for a new home I met up with Darlene Gelinas from Milestone Realty at The Park of Wolcott.  I was finding myself faced with a hard decision in my life.  It was time for me to sell my home that I have lived in for many, many years and move somewhere that I had less to maintain and take care of.  While going back and forth and trying to decide on the right decision, Darlene gave me all the time I needed to make the correct choice for myself without being pushy or aggressive.

Once I finally made my choice purchase a condo at The Park of Wolcott, Tim Bobroske was very accommodating to make any modifications needed for me to have this new home suit me perfectly for my everyday living style.

I can’t be more pleased with my decision.  My original intentions while trying to decide where I wanted to live never had any bearing on how close the post office, grocery store or bank were in proximity to the development of my choice but, what a great feeling to know how close and easy accessible everything is.

Now that it’s been about a year since I move in I can honestly say it has been a pleasure dealing with Tim.  He has been most agreeable and helpful with any and all concerns I have had before I purchased – to now (a year later).  Whenever I was in need to contact him he was always very accessible and responded quickly.

I love living in my condo.  I feel like I purchased the best unit in this community for me.  It is such a quiet, peaceful and friendly place to live.  While I am in my home I can’t hear anything next door or from any of the other neighbors and should I choose to go out and talk with the community they are all very friendly and caring.


Mary Pearce
4 Park Avenue, Unit 5
Wolcott, CT


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